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    Product Description
    SODIUM CHLORIDE is commonly referred to as SALT (PVD).

    Features And Benefits
    SODIUM CHLORIDE is utilized to restrict shale hydration and dispersion.
    SODIUM CHLORIDE is used in drilling fluids and brine form as a completion or workover fluids to a maximum density of 10 lb/gal (1.20 SG).

    SODIUM CHLORIDE has application in water base drilling and completion fluids and in the water phase of invert emulsion drilling fluids.


    Product Description
    SODIUM BICARBONATE (NaHCO3) is utilized to precipitate soluble calcium in water base drilling fluids. It is used primarily for treating cement contaminated drilling fluids.

    Features And Benefits
    SODIUM BICARBONATE provides two basic functions:
    (1) removes soluble calcium
    (2) lowers pH of the drilling mud

    SODIUM BICARBONATE should be mixed through the mud hopper. Do not use
    Sodium Bicarbonate to treat make–up water. Use Soda Ash for softening water, over treatment with Sodium Bicarbonate will result in carbonate / bicarbonate contamination of the drilling fluid resulting in rheological and filtration control problems.


    Product Description
    SODIUM SILICATE is a concentrated solution of sodium silicate in water, used for wellbore stabilization in water based drilling fluids.

    Features And Benefits
    SODIUM SILICATE improves the chemical inhibition of reactive shale in water based fluids from fresh water to salt saturated.
    SODIUM SILICATE forms a gel by reacting with formation waters, and prevents the pore pressures transmission.
    SODIUM SILICATE has a synergistic effect of improved shale inhibition and better viscosity control of the fluid when used in conjunction with a salt. Therefore, it is advisable to use potassium chloride with sodium silicate.
    SODIUM SILICATE is effective at temperature up to 275oF (135oC).


    Product Description
    CITRIC ACID is used for treating cement contaminated in water based drilling fluids.

    Features And Benefits
    CITRIC ACID controls cement contamination effectively without a detrimental effect on the polymeric materials in the drilling fluid system.
    Mix CITRIC ACID through the chemical barrel or rig hopper.

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