Our Products.. Weighting Agents


    Product Description
    BARITE (API) (Barium Sulphate) is utilized as a weighting agent in drilling fluids which meets API Specification 13A:2004 / ISO 13500:1998 Section 7.

    Features And Benefits
    BARITE (API) is chemically inert to all drilling fluid additives.
    BARITE (API) is ground to such a particle size that a minimum of 97% will pass through a 200 mesh screen and a maximum of 25% will be less than 6 microns at a specific gravity of 4.20.

    BARITE (API) is a cost effective means of increasing and/or maintaining drilling fluid density.
    BARITE (API) is used to weight up mud system up to 21.0 ppg (SG 2.52).


    Product Description
    MARBLE is metamorphic calcium carbonate used as a bridging and sealing agent.

    Features And Benefits
    MARBLE particle size distribution is no less than 50% by weight of desired particle size but no greater than maximum size for that range.
    Marble (F)....................(1 – 50 microns)
    Marble (M)................... (50 – 150 microns)
    Marble (C)....................(150 – 192 microns)
    MARBLE may be used in fresh water, sea water, produced brines and sodium or calcium chloride brine.
    MARBLE is soluble in 15% HCl.

    MARBLE – F will increase density of treated fluids up to 14.16 lb/gal (1.68 gr/cc).
    MARBLE – M, C is utilized to prevent fluid movement to permeable formation.

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