Our Services

Planet Chemical Free Zone

Maintains full service operations in the Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE
Our network of field service support includes strategically located warehouses and bulk equipment.

Planet Chemical markets complete line of premium quality drilling fluid additives either manufactured to our specifications or purchased from leading manufacturers of drilling fluids in the industry. By specializing in drilling fluids chemistry and specifying proper solids control equipment, we are able to design economical and efficient drilling fluid systems to fulfill the specific requirements of our clients. This, along with our capability to provide the necessary equipment to meet our clients' needs for bulk handling, filtration services and other logistical services associated with drilling fluids management, allows us to provide a complete service to all of our clients.

Planet Chemical
philosophy of providing quality products backed up by superior quality service, and engineering practices supported by its technical staff in the Egypt, along with its strong financial backing allows us to meet any of our client's needs.

Our strength in the fluid industry is a direct result of our commitment to provide quality products and services based on strong technical alliances with our customers and understanding fluids/hole related problems, Maximize Rate of Penetrations, eliminate Non-Productive Time and help to deliver Well Quality Assurance.