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FERRIC CHLORIDE effective particle coagulant useful to collect fine particles for water clarification.

A concentration of 40% is commonly used, packed in HDPE packing being corrosive material.


Product Description

BIOSIDS is a synergistic blend of all natural microorganisms specially designed to accelerate the ability of heavy, tarry types of hydrocarbons such as oil, coal tars and organic sludge’s to biodegrade. Product is recommended for BIO remediation of hydrocarbon industrial waste contamination, particularly at petroleum and natural gas refining and petrochemical facilities.

Features And Benefits

BIOSIDS is completely natural, non–engineered, non–pathogenic and non–toxic,
chosen for their safety value and their synergistic ability to metabolize hydrocarbons and other contaminants and convert them into carbon dioxide and water. Digests Short and Long Chain Hydrocarbons. Digests Petroleum Spills in both SOIL and WATER. Non–Caustic / Non–Acidic. Eliminates future liability risks associated with offsite disposal. Remediates the site with minimal disruption. Provides a natural and ecologically sound approach to remediation.


Product Description

An extraordinarily poisonous gas with a molecular formula of H2S. Hydrogen sulfide is produced during the decomposition of organic matter and occurs with hydrocarbons in some areas. It enters drilling mud from subsurface formations and can also be generated by sulfate-reducing bacteria in stored muds